Ad Ad (Editing)

Adding and editing ads

You can add an advertisement from the main page of the portal (upper left corner, the button "Add advertisement") and from your personal account.

the order of filling out the announcement form is slightly different, but the composition of the required information is the same.

After clicking on "Add advertisement", an announcement card will be opened divided into several logical sections:

Basic, additionally, photographs of the object, map, panorama, video, files.

For the correct creation of an advertisement, it is required to sequentially enter information about the object in the fields of the advertisement card.

-all sections and fields have explanations.

- Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. If these fields are not filled out, you will not be able to save the card, and if you try to save, an error will occur.

-all sections and fields have explanations.

-button “copy to all languages” copies the entered text as is (without translation).

- the "translate" button makes the translation and understands the translated values ​​in accordance with the language of translation.

- if after filling in the field "Address" click on the button "Set marker to address" - a marker will be installed on the map in accordance with the entered address. You can control and / or change the location of the marker on the "map" tab.



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